Print Artwork Setup

Awesome Co. Printing

If you don’t want to incur artwork setup costs, you can always send us print ready files. If they are not print ready, we’ll have to adjust them on our end, which means additional charges for you. Here are some guidelines for setting up print ready files:

  • 0.25″ bleeds around the art
  • Flatten the artwork, embed the images, and outline fonts so nothing goes missing in the process
  • Make sure the Font is legible and is easy to read/process (usually 7.5pt +)
  • Use a 300DPI resolution and set the colours to CMYK
  • Make sure the important text and graphics is at least 0.25″ from the expected edges of the cards

If you don’t know what above items mean, you should either let us set up the artwork or get your own graphic designer to help you. Chances are, you don’t have the proper software nor technical experience to do it properly, meaning that you’ll incur additional costs, time delays, or get a product that will not meet your expectations and will need to get re-printed.

We do have various templates for print items that we can send you, but you’ll need to contact us first.