Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are perfect for hanging up on a wall or fence

Indoor and Outdoor Vinyl Banners

almost any size you need

Vinyl banners are awesome for backdrops and signage. Events are one of the most common reasons why you’d get a vinyl banner. At a party type of event you can use a vinyl banner as a media wall with sponsor logos on it so that people can pose for pictures in front of it. Alternatively you can hang it on a wall to cover something up, present name of the DJ, or whatever else comes to mind. At a trade show you can use a vinyl banner as the background for your booth with your company branding on it. Or you can hang it off in front of the table, although a fabric banner would be a better option to use as a tablecloth.

Vinyl banners can also be used outdoors as general signage with company branding, directions to a particular location, or other messaging. One of the easiest ways to secure a vinyl banner outside is on a chain link fence using zip-ties.  Outdoor vinyl banners are printed on thicker vinyl and are more durable, so that they can withstand the abuse of the elements better.

Vinyl Banner Pricing

big or small – we can do it

With vinyl banners the cost is per square foot. So you need to calculate the area of the banner that you want (that’s width x height, for those who slept through math class) and multiply it by the cost per square foot. The larger the banner, the cheaper the price per square foot, but to make it simple, we offer two price points based on area. And of course, since outdoor vinyl is printed on heavier material, it’s more expensive.

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