Website Improvement Ideas via Google Analytics

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Website improvement ideas may be plentiful in your mind, or maybe you are struggling to come up with some. Google Analytics can help you identify which areas of your website need attention, so you can focus on specific sections of the website instead of the entire thing. It’s easy to install Google Analytics on your website. Google Analytics is not …

Search Engine Optimization: Things To Consider

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“Get your website to the first page of Google,” promises that email from only god knows where, trying to sell you Search Engine Optimization. Sounds appealing, doesn’t it? Anyone guaranteeing that they can get you to the top of Google for a predetermined sum is full of sh*t. We would say that even guaranteeing the top position in result on …

How Much Does Website Cost?

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Asking “How much does a website cost?” is similar to asking “How much does a car cost?”. The answer is generally, “Depends on what you are looking for.” The website cost range is very large. Even if you list the required functionality, while making your question of website cost a little easier to answer, it still misses the mark. To go back …

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Print Artwork Setup

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If you don’t want to incur artwork setup costs, you can always send us print ready files. If they are not print ready, we’ll have to adjust them on our end, which means additional charges for you. Here are some guidelines for setting up print ready files: 0.25″ bleeds around the art Flatten the artwork, embed the images, and outline …

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Digital Print vs Offset Print

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When you need basic print you are faced with two production options: offset (fancy commercial press) and digital (smaller and easy to operate machine). What do we recommend? Well, depends on how long you can wait. If time is not a huge factor and you can wait a week, we recommend going with the offset printed cards. It offers superior …