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See where your money goes and why

If only we could pocket the money… we’d be spending our winters in Mexico. But we are not. In fact, far from it. There is a reason why Winnipeg marketing companies have to charge more for their services than a freelance graphic or web designer.

A lot of it comes down to overhead. But why pay for overhead, you may wonder. There are very good justifications for doing so, many of them similar to why you’d want to hire a properly trained, licensed, bonded, and insured electrician instead of someone who learned a thing or two about electricity during their shop class in high school.

First and foremost you want creative people with the right set of skills to work on your project. Whether we are talking about coding a website or setting up a file for printing, you want people who are properly trained in their craft and intimately familiar with industry standards and expectations in order to avoid costly mistakes.

Creative people work much better in environments that foster creativity. Office space and how it’s set up becomes important. Having an office is an anchor and a sign of stability. A freelancer working out of their home can take off at any time and go to another country on a whim (yes, we have seen it happen). Needless to say, quality people need to be fairly compensated and office space that fosters creativity isn’t free either.

It’s one thing to have the right people and environment to get your project completed, it’s another to ensure that the work done doesn’t suddenly disappear into the ether. Using illegal software or products can result in a costly lawsuit, which can put the marketing company out of business. A lawsuit from a client who feels wronged can do the same. So properly licensed software and adequate insurance are essential to company’s longevity.

You also want the graphic & web design company who you work with to have appropriate practices in place for backing up data and securing it against loss, so that your work doesn’t suddenly disappear one day due to a power surge or failed hard drive. Good people, good working environment, office space, software, insurance, and adequate tools for doing business all cost money, which factors into the rates we charge you for the work we do. And that’s how you get Awesome-Peace-Of-Mind.

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