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Marketing helps your business grow, because marketing is not just a one time affair. We believe that marketing is like your teeth or clothes – it needs attention on the on-going basis.

So after you have your branding in place, an awesome website to tell visitors about your company, and some sexy print collateral, a natural question emerges, “What’s next?”

Well, next is learning and incremental improvements in your marketing. Marketing is not a one time expense and it’s never really done, so you need to be mentally OK with having that as your budget item. The good part is that your marketing is intimately tied to business development and, if done right, should be more than paying for itself with the business that it attracts. That’s why established brands that are household names are continuing to spend millions of dollars on marketing. And one can argue that it’s because they invested in marketing over the years that they have become household names. Of course marketing alone is not enough. If you polish a turd, it’s still a turd. But you know what we mean.

Your website should be tweaked and improved based on what the analytics data is trying to say. Your social media strategy should be in place to drive engagement and conversation. Your advertising efforts should work hand-in-hand with your brand and other marketing initiatives. Your print collateral should be adjusted to meet the specific ways that you are using it.

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