Risks Of Hiring A Wrong Web Developer – Part 4

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Last time in Risks Of Hiring A Wrong Web Developer – Part 3 we revealed more risks of hiring a wrong web developer. Today we are wrapping up the series with the last three risks on our list:

Risk #10: You lose your website files or database

You can easily lose files if your web developer does not implement adequate security measures and backups. There are numerous things that can result in data loss, from failed hard drives to deliberate hacking. And if a recent copy of the data is not easily available, the website will not be quick nor easy to restore, resulting in unnecessary costs and downtime. We haven’t met too many businesses that would be unphased by several weeks of their website being down. Now no one can guarantee 100% uptime and data security. If the Pentagon can get hacked, no one is secure. But we keep multiple backups of your website and over the years have implemented better practices. The risk of losing your website is a lot lower with us.

Risk #11: Your website can’t get rescued after a hack

Without proper knowledge and experience your web developer would not be able to rescue your website in case it gets hacked. Initially they will attempt to solve the problem, costing you billable time. And after several hours of frustration and inability to get results, they will let you know that they can’t do it. So you’ll have to find someone who can fix the problem. Working with someone knowledgeable in the first place would have resulted in the issue being fixed faster for a lower overall cost. This risk is related to Risk #10 and loss of data. Sometimes you lose data because of a hack. However, in most cases hackers place links to viagra and penis enlargement products on your website. More of an annoyance than anything else, but impossible to solve unless you know where to look. Every few weeks one of our clients’ websites get hacked. We know most of the attacks and what they do, so we are able to restore the site in a few hours of work. It costs some money, but the downtime is minimal.

Risk #12: Your web developer disappears

If you have been working with a bad website developer, maybe this is not a bad risk after all. They may even be doing you a favour. But all jokes aside, this is much more likely to happen with someone doing web development on the side, like your neighbour’s son, or a freelancers. If web development is a hobby, your website will not be a priority. Freelancers are a bit of a wild card since many freelance for convenience or because they don’t want to commit. So it may happen that they decide to go to Mexico for 6 months and work from there, which may make the whole web development experience more complicated than it needs to be. Combine this with the risk of someone less experienced using proprietary software or writing poor code and you got yourself a very expensive lesson on your hands. Established companies are anchored and while a particular person who you may have worked with in the past may no longer work there, the company is still around and they will have someone else who can help you.

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