Risks Of Hiring A Wrong Web Developer – Part 3

Awesome Co. Web Design

Last time in Risks Of Hiring A Wrong Web Developer – Part 2 we revealed more risks of hiring a wrong web developer. Today we are continuing on with the next three risks on the list, building towards the conclusion of this series:

Risk #7: Your business outgrows your website

As your business grows and evolves, your website needs to change with it. When you are starting out, a few information pages may be enough. But with time you may require additional functionality or integrations with other services. If future needs are not explored in the beginning, you may have to tear down and rebuild when you grow, instead of simply adding to the existing website with a strong foundation. Instead of focusing your time and energy on growth, you’ll be forced to be distracted by rebuilding your website. We strive to have a thorough understanding of your business plans before we write a single line of code to make sure that your have a strong website foundation to build on as your business grows.

Risk #8: You’ll get poor advice

Related to Risk #3, it’s easy to come off as an expert when you are advising someone who has a lot less experience than you. We don’t expect you to know a lot about websites and how they should be built – that’s why you are hiring a web designer. But with this risk, instead of selling you something that you don’t need, you may simply get bad advice or get talked into taking a less-than-optimal path.

Risk #9: Your website won’t get done on time

Not everyone is good at managing time and workflow. And it’s often easy to say ‘yes’ to work when there is lack of reliable cashflow. Web development work is very cyclical since many companies want new websites around the same time (due to budget cycles, vacation timing, etc). It’s easy to bite off more than one can chew and less experienced or ‘hungry’ companies are prone to doing that. We have been around for almost a decade and so we are prepared for those cycles with adequate cash reserves. This helps us manage our workflow so that we don’t overcommit. The result? Your website will be delivered on time (as long as you play your part).

Next time we are going to present you with the final instalment in the series Risks Of Hiring A Wrong Web Developer – Part 4 where we share the last 3 risks of hiring a wrong web developer. If you missed it, you can read Risks Of Hiring A Wrong Web Developer – Part 1 and Risks Of Hiring A Wrong Web Developer – Part 2.