Split Testing Your Website All The Way To The Bank

Awesome Co. Web Design

Split testing different areas of your website (also known as A/B Testing) is a great way to test and validate assumptions about design, positioning, and calls to action. If we approach every piece of content with a question about how effective it is and whether something better could be used in its place, we can develop a strategy around split testing.

As the name implies, split testing involves creating two versions of a page with a small variation that you want to test. You can test a number of different things: headline, subtitle, image, call to action, content length, call to action, layout, and other factors. By having two versions of the page, and by sending traffic to both pages, we can see which option performs better by looking at website analytics. Over time we can continue split testing your website and find changes to continue to improve it.

Split testing, of course, takes time and careful thought. We need to develop alternatives to test, setting up various options, and getting enough traffic to each option to make findings statistically significant. Split testing should be part of a long term website improvement strategy, allowing you to have a better performing website with every iteration. We hope that you now have a little better understanding of how split testing can help you have a more effective website. Contact us to find out how we can help you.