We are Awesome Company

And this is where your Awesome website, design, and print ideas come to life

Awesome Co. has been helping businesses like yours tell their story for nearly 10 years. It started with Gutenberg’s metal movable type that inspired the mass production of flyers and other print collateral.

The emergence of magazines paved the way for the first paid advertising in 1836 followed by unsolicited use of the telegraph to spread marketing messages. Billboard rental in 1867, radio advertising in 1922, television commercials in 1941, the invention of e-commerce and the subsequent email spam advertising, guerrilla marketing, the dot-com bubble all the way to social media.

Our world depends on information and every corner of our lives is touched by it. No matter what the future holds, the one lesson history taught us is that you can’t predict where you will have to tell your story… but the story itself will always need to be told. Every single day, for nearly 10 years, we have empowered people just like you to share their stories with their audiences. Wether you need us to help you craft your message (through branding, design or web) or simply build a vehicle to deliver it better, we are one Awesome call away.

Our Awesome Team | Who we are, what we do, and what drives us

Igal Rogalsky

Some say Igal is the least pronounceable name in Canada so we call him iGi. His tireless mind makes him a perfect project manager and brand specialist. With his background in marketing, economics, and psychology your ideas will have charisma but just as importantly – substance.

Victor Narynskyyi

If Google crashes and loses the world’s knowledge, well…  humanity will be screwed.  However, Mr. Narynskyyi wouldn’t be phased by this tragedy… his remarkable memory and general knowledge will serve him well while the rest of us struggle to tie our shoelaces. Victor is our chief technology officer whose work is as reliable as a wood burning stove.

Tia Wishart

Our remarkable Art Director is all about creating functional art that works. Now how can you Wish for more Art when There Is Art in her last name…? On an unrelated note, she doesn’t appreciate puns as much as some people on our team.

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