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Awesome websites, for awesome businesses. We believe that an awesome website is one that drives sales. But what if it doesn’t?

If you are in that unfortunate situation, or if you are starting a new business and don’t have a website yet, you’ll need to invest into your website before you can reap the financial benefits. Customers will not beat a path to your door just because you have a website (you are 15 years too late to this party). In todays world, It’s only one of the tools in your marketing arsenal.

We believe that an awesome website is one that looks – well – awesome. Web design is constantly evolving and it’s easy to fall behind if one doesn’t make an effort to explore, learn, and grow. Staying on top of current web design trends and latest developments in our industry helps us design websites that are stylish and visually appealing, and will stay that way for some while.

We believe that an awesome website is one that is easy to update and maintain. Understanding where the website fits in your business and what is your general relationship with all things ‘technology’ allows us to build a suitable website for your needs. There is no use building a Content Management System if you are unlikely to actually go in and use it. We can always maintain the website for you.

We believe that an awesome website is one that is easy to build on and expand. This is where it’s crucial for us to understand how you plan to use the website, how you are planning to grow your business, and how the two interconnect. By knowing where you are and understanding where you are headed we can design a website that will grow with your business. It’s similar to building a house and roughing-in the electrical for that rec room you are wanting to build, even though you may not actually build it for a couple of years. Without the knowledge of future plans, putting in that rec room would be a lot more expensive down the line.

To website or not to website, that is the question. We are firm believers that if you don’t have online presence, you will become irrelevant.

Even if you don’t have adequate budget to build a good website, do spend some money on developing presence online, as basic and rudimentary as it may be. The reason is simple – credibility.

Many people will Google your company before doing business with you, even if it’s just to look up an address or contact information. If you don’t have a website it raises a red flag, similar to a person not having any presence on Social Media. A splash page with a blurb about what you do and how to get in touch is better than nothing. A very basic website will probably not attract anyone who isn’t already looking for your company, but it will prevent people who are from going else where. Yes, you will probably have to tear down and start from scratch later, but it’s better than having nothing at all.

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