Awesome Printing

Business Cards – Stationery – Large Format

Being cheap is not Awesome. “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten,” said Benjamin Franklin.

Wise words indeed. You will always be able to find a cheaper alternative, and if you are after the cheapest possible option, we are the wrong company to work with. We believe in providing value and delivering on that belief is our primary objective. Over the years we have become very good at finding value for our clients through solutions to their printing needs.

The printing world is more complex than you probably care to imagine. Print shops that try to print business cards, and flyers, and brochures, and folders, and stickers, and tickets, and banners, and all other items under the sun, are missing the key point: one company cannot be good at many things. Specialization is king and there are Canadian printers all over the place who only focus on printing very specialized products. One will print envelopes, another will print forms, yet another will print banners, etc. And they are able to provide superior quality at lower prices than the generalist. Here’s the kicker – many of these printers are ‘trade printers’ meaning that they will not deal with small customers directly – it’s too many headaches for very little revenue. Over the years we have made contact and cultivated relationships with many specialized printers. This is what allows us to provide you with amazing products and that awesome value.

How do we make printing so awesome? We have quality relationships with many trade printers in the industry give us access to countless different products and options.

Having options is good, but to a point. Research shows that having too many options results in ‘choice paralysis’ and ensuing disappointment. So instead of presenting you with every possible print option under the sun, we have done the due diligence and have narrowed down the list of options for you. Our experience shows that our pre-qualified products will meet the needs of the vast majority of clients.

Our goal is to offer solutions to customers who want quality products and professional service and find themselves in one of three mindsets:

Someone wanting to showcase their taste and appreciation of quality (this person would buy a luxury German sedan).

Someone seeking to really stand out, wow, and impress (this person would buy an Italian Supercar, assuming they could afford one).

Someone looking to get the job done on a budget, yet reliable (this person would buy a quality used car).

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