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A short while back having mobile friendly web design was a nice feature to have. Businesses heard that more and more people were browsing websites using mobile phones and tablets, and only proactive ones with deeper pockets offered mobile friendly web design options to their customers. Vast majority of websites continued having a website that only worked well on a large screen. This attitude is no longer an option and mobile friendly web design is the new norm.

If you don’t know whether your website uses mobile friendly web design, here are some ways to check.

In the early 2015 Google made changes to the way their algorithm evaluates websites by checking for mobile friendly web design on websites. In all truth, the writing was on the wall. For months leading up to the change there were rumours. And even without the rumours, those of us who keep our finger tips on the pulse of the web industry knew that it was only a matter of time before mobile friendly web design became a requirement. Google tries to provide their users (which are all those who browse the Internet) with the best possible experience. A website that does not utilize mobile friendly web design guidelines does not work well on mobile phones or tablets, so it’s a natural consequence for Google to find a way to deal with it.

So Google did what anyone trying to influence behaviour would do – they brought out a carrot and a stick (although their carrot is really simply not getting hit by the stick). The metaphorical stick punishes websites that are do not use mobile friendly web design by ranking them lower than their mobile friendly counterparts. Combine this with the fact that more and more browsing is done on mobile devices and you can see how having a non mobile friendly website can quickly hurt your bottom line. Suddenly using mobile friendly web design went from a nice to have to a must have.

We are still puzzled by how many businesses don’t see the connection between their demotion in search engine rankings and lost revenue. By not investing into mobile friendly web design today, you are going to pay for it over and over again in lost revenue down the line. And that’s beside the fact that mobile friendly web design is good for customer experience, which is good for business. I have been on a website where the ‘add to cart’ button was off the screen on a my phone. Guess what I did? I went to their competitor and gave them my business.

So beg, borrow, and steal if you have to (ok, don’t steal – we don’t need any accusations of encouraging illegal activities), but invest in mobile friendly web design. Your business will do better as a result and it’s only a matter of time before you make your money back, and then some.

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