Kelowna Web Design

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Kelowna Web Design

If you want a website that produces results, look no further

If you are a business in Kelowna or neighbouring communities and are looking for web design services, you don’t have to look any further. We have the talent, expertise, and creative skills to build you a new website from scratch, make changes to your current website, or just perform regular content updates. We can also assist you with other areas of marketing your company in Kelowna, British Columbia, and beyond. Whether it’s just web design that you seek or need a more well-rounded approach to marketing, call us in Kelowna: 250. 878. 9275 or just send us a message.

We are passionate about technology, so we invite you to discover what drives our Kelowna web design philosophy. If you are toying with the idea of getting a website done, but not really sure what are the right steps to take, check out our Web Design Process Primer piece. You can get an overview and then drill down through the links for more information. And if you are curious about what we are able to deliver when it comes to web design and marketing in general, browse our work.

Now a little bit of background on Awesome Co. The company started in Winnipeg almost a decade ago. In 2013 we started a satellite office providing Kelowna web design services, but mainly servicing the mothership office. Since then we have grown in terms of office space, hired a very talented graphic artist, and expanded our range of services. To this day we still provide a lot of web design services in Kelowna.

When we started, back in the day, we worked with clients who required straight forward websites for their ventures. They didn’t have a lot of money to spend and many web design companies at the time charged very high rates for their services. Even today in Kelowna we find that the prices charged are higher than in other cities for an equivalent product. Back then we didn’t have a lot of experience providing web design services, so many of the websites that we built back then are not something that we would use in our portfolio today. Over the years, as we have learned and gained valuable web design experience, we started to build much more complicated websites for companies in Winnipeg and surrounding communities.

We have a number of websites in our Kelowna portfolio that we are proud to share with you, and more are added regularly. Here are just a couple of examples where we applied our web design skills to create websites for Kelowna companies that we are happy to showcase:

We do have considerably more websites in our portfolio that we could show you, but we don’t believe that it would be very useful or advantageous. Some companies in Kelowna come to us with smaller budgets and we cannot afford to spend enough time to produce a very well refined and polished product. And we don’t see a point in showcasing average looking websites. The important thing that we want you to understand is that if you want an awesome website, we can design one for you. And if you have small budget that won’t allow for it, we can design a simpler website for you that won’t win any awards, but will get you a good presence online.

We have an office delivering Kelowna web design services in the Okanagan. Our mothership office is in Winnipeg, MB.

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