5 Don’ts When Hiring A Web Designer

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When you are hiring a web designer to build you a website, there are some do’s and don’ts that we have come up with for you to consider. Here are the 5 things to avoid when hiring a web designer. In a separate post we’ll cover the other side of the coin with the 5 Do’s When Hiring A Web Designer. Ignore at your own risk.

Number 1Do not hire someone because they are cheapest

Generally you get what you pay for. There is a reason why someone is cheap. Cheaper prices do not mean better value. If end up hiring someone less knowledgeable or less experienced, there is a good chance you’ll pay a lot more down the line to fix the problems.

Number 2Do not hire your neighbour’s son or your niece because “she is good with computers”

Unless this person is an actual web designer, of course. Usually this arises out of the desire to save money. Read the point above for our thoughts on hiring the cheapest web developer. This is made worse because there is a personal relationship involved. If something goes sideways, feelings may get hurt. No one wants that.

Number 3Do not assume that companies are quoting on the same thing

You reach out and get a few quotes – nothing wrong with that. But whenever web design companies quote, assumptions are often made. It’s useful for you to know what those are. Chances are if the quotes are vastly different, companies made some different assumptions about what you want.

Number 4Do not assume that once the website is built customers will flock to you

This is a common mistake, and just because the website is online doesn’t mean much. You can direct people to it, but it’s unlikely that they will find it by themselves. There are a number of things that you should think about, plan, and budget for after your website launches.

Number 5Do not believe anyone who promises you top position on Google

They are lying. And they are scamming you. No one can guarantee top position on Google. An algorithm determines rankings and there are many people competing for the same spots. Having said that, Search Engine Optimization is something you can do to help improve your rankings.

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