5 Do’s When Hiring A Web Designer

Awesome Co. Web Design

We already revealed the 5 Don’ts When Hiring A Web Designer, so now to balance the view, here are the 5 Do’s:

Number 1Do consider how many years the company has been in business

New web design companies are full of piss and vinegar. They are excited about building their own business and sell the moon. Established companies are more grounded and experienced. They are anchored and have staying power. If you want a long term marketing partner, consider how long a company has been in business. Awesome Co. has been around for almost a decade and we do not plan on going anywhere.

Number 2Do look at past work done and talk to past clients about their experience

Past experience is like work references. If the company can’t rub two happy clients together, run for the hills. Happy clients are a good sign. Also look at the quality of testimonials. Are they verifiable? Can you find who these people are? We don’t list every client on our website, but we do showcase projects that we proud of. And you can contact any of the individuals for a reference.

Number 3Do ask questions about the process if you don’t understand it

We are not mind readers, so if something is not clear, ask. We won’t bite. Sometimes the process is more complex than you’d like and we are happy to explain. Do whatever you need to do to have a solid understanding of the journey you are about to embark on.

Number 4Do budget a few hundred bucks for stock images

Nice images are essential to having a visually appealing and engaging website. But good images cost money. Hiring a photographer is expensive and sometimes is the only sensible options. But there are huge libraries of stock images that you can buy. Images cost from a few bucks to over a hundred dollars (depending on how easy or difficult it was to get), so budget accordingly.

Number 5Do budget for ongoing website improvements and maintenance

After you launch a website one phase of the process is over, while another is just beginning. Ongoing improvements to the website after the launch leveraging SEO, Analytics, and Split Testing will make your website perform better and make you more money by helping you attract more visitors and convert more of the visitors to paying customers.

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