Improving Website Performance

Things you can do to improve your website’s performance

Improving a websites performance after launching can improve it’s functionality and ranking. Here are a few areas to focus on after your website is live.

It’s important to consider improving website performance for best return on your investment. After your brand new website is launched and you can finally breathe a sigh of relief, you will need to think about these next steps. For better or for worse, a website is not a “build and let be” type of product. Many companies – unfortunately – treat it that way, but that’s why their online presence is weak and the business generated online is minimal.

To be able to improve website’s performance, it’s important to understand how people are using your website. We do that through analytics. Website analytics go beyond page views and bounce rates. We can measure user behaviour in great detail to try to understand how they are using the website and what they are trying to do. Understanding that will help us help you refine the website to provide your customers with a better online experience.

One of the awesome and useful things that we can do with the help of web analytics is validation of various assumptions. Headlines, images, and calls to action are drivers of behaviour. Some are more effective than others and are all factors in improving website performance. We can make guesses, but cold hard facts are best for determining what is working.

Search Engine Optimization is of course not to be missed when improving website performance and creating a strong online presence. This is where planning and budgeting becomes very important because otherwise your efforts will be disjointed and disorganized. Read more about SEO.

Remember that shopping list of all the useful features you wanted on the website? Chances are you didn’t get all of them done. After the launch of the website we can start knocking those items off the list one by one to continue improving website performance. We can also use analytics to soft-test different features to see if visitors have sufficient interest in them before we invest more time and money to build them out completely.

Your website, like many other parts of your business, is a living thing. It needs to evolve to better meet the needs and wants of your customers – the people who you have built the website for in the first place. We have numerous tools at our disposal to help you in the on-going task of improving your website performance.

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