5 Reasons To Hire A Copywriter

Awesome Co. Web Design

There are a number of good reasons why you should hire a copywriter to write the website content for you. If you can stretch the budget and afford to hire a copywriter, here are 5 good reasons for why you should.

Number 1You are not a professional writer

If you were, you probably wouldn’t be reading this section. True enough, we all took English in high school. And you do write a ton of emails throughout the day. But emails tend to be conversational and informal, while your website requires professional, specialized writing. When you hire a copywriter, they will have a ton more experience and know how to write for the web audience.

Number 2You know your industry too well

You are an expert in your field and you intimately know your industry and professional landscape. You can talk for hours about your work, how you are different, and what makes you so awesome to work with. The challenge is that the job of the website is to communicate to people who are not experts in your field with far less knowledge. It’s easy to forget that and communicate in a way that is above the level of understanding of your average customer, creating frustration and confusion for them. Solution? Hire a copywriter. They will write from the place of not knowing your industry too well, with your customer in mind, producing content that will be easier to read, understand, and act on.

Number 3You have better things to do

Your work should be keeping you busy. If not, you need to market more, and maybe that’s why you are building a website. But even if you have the time, it is probably better spent on meeting potential clients, networking, or creating a business plan, as opposed to writing content. Because you have better things to do, you will likely put content writing on a backburner, resulting in delays to the website launch date. And the longer your website is in development instead of being out there getting ranked by search engines and viewed by clients, the less visible your company will be. When you hire a copywriter, the website content will be produced on time, eliminating the source of most common delays.

Number 4Your website will be better optimized for search engines

Search Engine Optimization is a topic in and of itself. We operate in this space every day, so writing website content with search engines in mind is natural for us. If you don’t do it regularly, chances are it will take you a lot of time to figure out how search engines see websites and how to cater to that. The content may also sound forced, which may be fine as far as search engines are concerned, but will trip up your visitors. And that’s not good since it’s the visitors who are spending the money, not the search engines. By hiring a copywriter to write the website content for you, you can rest assured that it will be interpreted as intended by search engines and enjoyed by human visitors.

Number 5You will make more money

There is definitely a direct cost associated with the decision to hire a copywriter. But there is an opportunity cost to doing it yourself. This reason is the culmination of all of the above reasons. The extra time it will take you to research how to write content for the web is the time you could be spending on growing your business and earning money. The content written by you may not read as well, meaning that it won’t convert as well, leading to lost revenue. It may also not rank as well on search engines as professionally written website copy, leading to inferior search engine positioning and lost visitors. Chances are you won’t enjoy writing your own website content, so it will take longer to do, leading to delays in the launch date of the website and overall frustration with the process.

Hopefully by this time you are convinced that you should hire a copywriter and let them write the website content for you. So get in touch with us to get started.