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Awesome Co. Blog Post - Planning Your Website Content
Website content is more than just text. Website content also includes all images, file downloads, and video content that may be used on the website. You could have a website with only text based website content, but it’s not going to be very visually engaging and stimulating as it would be with the use of images.

Video is growing in popularity at a rapid pace, and becoming an important aspect of website content planning. It’s because people often prefer to watch a video than to read a large block of text. At the same time, people will read faster than the pace of the video, so having both options that compliment each other is the best approach to website content planning. Video production can be expensive, but it’s an investment that typically pays off because of how versatile video content is.

Images used as website content need to be of high quality. Anything smaller than 500 pixels wide will most likely be too grainy to use on a visually appealing website. Your best bet for pictures are either professionally done photographs or stock photos that you can purchase online. Costs of images vary, from a few bucks to north of $100, and if you have a vast product line, you’ll be far better off hiring a photographer for a day than to buy the images individually (leaving aside the fact that adequate product images may not be available online). Whatever you do, do not copy images from other websites. You as the owner of the website will be held responsible for any copyright infringements on website content, and penalties can be very substantial.

Written website content is something that customers often choose to do themselves to save money. Writing website content can often cost as much as the design and coding of the website itself, so we understand where the impulse comes from. Inherently there is nothing wrong with doing it that way, as long as you plan accordingly.

We can write the website content for you, and there are some good reasons (from SEO, to timing, to expertise) to let us do it, but you can do it yourself. If you are going to write the website content, please make sure to reference the Wireframes and Mockups to see what pieces of website content need to be created. Not everything is a large block of text. There are captions, quotes, excerpts, taglines, headings, calls to action, and other pieces of website content that need to be created, and some need to be short and to the point to make sure they fit in aesthetics of the website design.